Pre Demolition Asbestos Survey

The Details

The use of ACMs, asbestos containing materials was banned because of the health and environmental hazards the materials have. However, there are buildings which still contain these materials thereby necessitating an asbestos survey. The survey will then tell on how to manage the materials something that sometimes leads to demolition of the buildings. asbestos management company

The preliminary survey begins by experts who will first need to get details from you which include the details of the parts of the building that need to be surveyed, the building use, priority areas and the hazards as well as the processes. You will also need to provide documents on the structural construction, the design and the plans relating to the building. Other preliminary information can include safety and health issues, permits and the access arrangements. The reason as to why this information is important is to ensure that the survey is carried efficiently and without any risky affairs on the property and the experts as well as any other occupants.

What to Expect

After the preliminary information is already in the hands of the survey experts, experienced and well-trained surveyors will be sent to the premises to conduct a walk-through. This is the stage where they will be looking for the building areas that could contain the asbestos which will then help in coming up with a strategy of the survey. They will also be looking for the pending or possible risks within the property.

After the walk-through, you should expect the surveyor to walk from one room to another looking for any materials that could contain asbestos. This may mean lifting tiles and ceilings and even opening any risers that could be within the premises. The survey has to ensure that all areas likely to have the asbestos are assessed. Photos of materials suspected to contain asbestos will also be taken and the room containing them sketched indicating where the materials are suspected to be.

At this point the pre demolition survey will be through and the samples from the analysis done within the areas will then be submitted to the company and a report will then be issued to indicate the areas that have the asbestos and the asbestos type found. This report will also contain an assessment looking at the risks before a control or management plan is formulated. This is a survey that is of great importance and should therefore be considered by those suspecting that their premises or buildings could contain the dangerous materials.

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