How to Buy Academic Robes

A robe symbolizes a transition from a particular level of education to a much higher degree of education. These robes are worn together with a mortar board to recognize the graduates from the multitude of people during the graduation ceremony. As a high proud graduate you need to find graduation robes that fit well. Visit-

Find academic robes that represent your degree or level of educational achievement. In selecting the appropriate graduation robes you have to keep in mind the tradition and the importance of wearing these academic robes.

· Before you buy anything try some of the robes for bachelor’s degree holders. Try out the color black academic robes because it is the most common academic robes wore during a commencement exercise. As a bachelor degree holder you should expect to wear single unifies colored robes and oversized sleeves that go beyond your fingertips.

· You have to take a look of the unique sleeves of most graduate student’s academic robes. You have to take a look further to avoid buying incorrect graduation robes. Some Master’s graduation gown are very long with black sleeves that extend beyond their fingertips. It has a slot made for each hand to pull through.

· You have to know the standard academic color before buying your own robe’s rim and hood. Each college and university usually assigns specific color for every program and field of study. This color arrangement is done to organize the commencement exercises. Academic robes are the most important part of the ceremony that should be worn on the entire ceremony.

· To be able to cut down the cost of buying academic robes, you have to purchase robes together with your cap. Some companies offer a package that includes the elements that you need for your graduation ceremony. This package is much cheaper compare to piece by piece buying of robes and cap.

· Determine the graduation gown of your university before buying your robe. It is important that your tassel will match the color of your academic robes. It should have a metal piece at the bottom with your graduation year.

· Carefully measure the bottom of your robe to determine the proper fit for you. The right length for your graduation robe should rest above your ankles to avoid nibbling while you are walking across the stage.

· If you encounter some problems when buying your academic robes you can always consult a sales representative from your school bookstore. Remember to buy earlier to avoid rush. It is important to buy early to find the right robe that will best fit you. If you buy two weeks before the actual graduation ceremony the stock may run out, and you may not find the robe that you need.


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